When you need support you need it now, and we understand. In order to help you as quickly as possible, please be aware you will need some information when you contact us:  

  1. The Equipment ID Number – this number will be located on a sticker on the front of your machine.                
  2. Any Error Codes – if you can obtain any error code numbers or  specific messages your machine is giving it will greatly reduce our  technician’s troubleshooting time.
  3. The name of the user experiencing the problem, or that we can speak with regarding the specific problem.
  4. As many details about the problem as possible always helps our support team.
  5. When the problem began.
  6. What standard operations were in process when the problem started (fax, scan, print, copy).
  7. Please call us at (606)877-4449 or 1-888-461-4194 to report your issue to make sure that a ticket is created promptly.

Fax – the operation of scanning a document for transmission via standard telephone lines. 

Scan – the operation of scanning a document to send to a user’s personal computer.

Print – the operation of printing a document from a user’s personal computer to output at the machine. 

Copy – the operation of duplicating a document from either the Automatic Document Feeder or Original Glass of the machine.